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Dev Blog – Achievements

Posted: June 17, 2014 at 9:13 pm


Greetings Squaddies!

Rumors have been flying about the next big update coming to Super Hero Squad and we’re ready to start making things official.  The next update for the game is coming and wow is it a doozy.

Over the course of the next two weeks we’ll be making a series of blog posts highlighting some of the changes coming in the update.  We’re kicking it all off with a focus on Achievements.

Achievements are tasks that you and your Heroes can perform to earn prestige for your squad.  They range from simple things like destroying a Troublebot to silly things like farting in the Asgard throne room to really hard things like getting an Adamantium score 1000 times.  There are over 5,000 Achievements in SHSO so there’s something for everyone!

There’s also a special set of Achievements that we refer to as the Destiny Achievements.  These Achievements are lined up one after another in a way that lets you try out every feature in SHSO.  They are also a great source of Fractals and bonus items!  There are three Destiny Achievement sets.  The Valor set shows you all over the game and acts like a tutorial for our newer players, giving them a chance to learn about the many different things there are to do in SHSO.  The Conquest set is specifically for Missions.  Nearly every mission in the game is lined up and laid out for your to conquer and is a great way to check out the 80+ Missions we have in SHSO.  Lastly, the Might set pits you against the dozens of fierce villains that roam around SHSO.  It starts with you beating the villains that are hanging out around the city, moves you into beating all the different villains inside their home Missions and ends with a nerve-wracking run through our Crisis Missions!

Do you like to explore?  There are Achievements for checking out all the hidden places in SHSO.  Do you like to be silly and run around?  We’ve got Achievements for you as well (make sure you know where your Rude emote is!).  Do you like collecting?  Making friends?  Playing card games?  Jump into Super Hero Squad Online and Hero Up with the new Achievements, coming soon in the next update!


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