Jr. S.H.I.EL.D. Agent Benefits

Exclusive Agent Only Heroes!

As a Jr. SHIELD Agent, you will gain access to special Heroes such as Deadpool, Avengers Hawkeye, Iron Man MK I, Ultimate Thor & more! These Heroes are available ONLY to Jr. SHIELD Agents and we’ll be adding more and more along the way, become a Jr. SHIELD Agent today and set yourself apart from the everyone else with these awesome Heroes.


500 Gold Awarded Automatically Every Month!

Automatically receive 500 Gold EVERY MONTH for as long as you are a Jr. SHIELD Agent! Without doing anything, every 30 days you will see 500 Gold added to your account so that you can be the first to buy all the new Heroes, missions, card packs and more!

Golden Prize Wheel

GOLD, GOLD, GOLD! Jr. SHIELD Agent’s Prize Wheels are lined with Gold rewards! As an Agent, you can get up to 130 GOLD EVERY DAY! Signing up to be an Agent gives you the very best chance to get EVERYTHING in the game!

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